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Want to rent a big bike on Koh Samui, Thailand? Welcome!


Koh Samui Big Bike Rental

Now there is a great possibility to take a wonderful journey by Renting a Bike in Koh Samui and seeing beautiful places that tourist usually cannot reach. Visit our Bike Rental, choose a bike that you like most and go driving all over Thailand with great feelings of freedom and wind in your hair.

We also offer a range of Big Bike Rent Samui Tours in South Thailand to see the masterpieces of Thai architecture, authentic Buddhist temples, visit adventure parks and enjoy the wonderful scenery of Thailand. Our group tours make bright insights into the history and culture of Thailand, Koh Samui and surrounding places.


Currently our company is the only Motorcycles Rent Spot in Koh Samui that offers motorcycles of different types in absolutely perfect condition, so you can be sure you will enjoy the power of new engines and that no technical problems will arise during your trip. You have several options to rent a bike: firstly, enduro bikes to see the wild nature of Thailand, visit the jungle and enjoy the dirt ride, or secondly, the sport bike to enjoy the comfort and speed along the perfect roads of Thailand.



Our Bigbike Rental par includes the street fighters:

- Kawasaki ZR 1000;

- Yamaha Fz-09;

- Kawasaki ZR 800;

- Ducati Monster 795;

- Choppers Honda Shadow 750; Honda Shadow 400;

- Tourer Kawasaki Versys 650;

- Naked bike Kawasaki Er 6n;

- Sport bike Kawasaki Ninja 650;

- Honda CBR 250R ABS; Kawasaki Ninja 300;

- Classic Bike Honda CB 400 V-Tech3;

- Great urban bike Honda MSX 125;

- Amazing maxi scooters Yamaha T-Max 500 and Honda Forza 300ABS;

- 3-wheels scooter Yamaha Tricity;

- Cool dirt bikes and scooters as Honda Zoomer X, Honda Scoopy.

We offer very attractive prices for tourists that want to Rent a Bike. We take care of our bikes, make the maintenance in time, but we won’t oblige you to pay a lot of money for small scratches and other defects that may appear during your journey.


7 reasons to rent a bikes:

- Make your vacation unforgettable by cruising on a bike;

- See places that regular tourists don’t see;

- Add extreme and adrenaline to your emotions;

- Find our what kind of bike you prefer: enduro, fast sport bike or a scooter;

- If your personal bike is at maintenance;

- You want to buy a bike and want to try some;

- If you are a fan of motorcycles.

Motorcycle Rent will turn your trip into adventure. It gives you personal experience of Thailand, as you are free to choose where to go, what to see and how fast you drive. Only a motorcycle can give you the real impression of Samui island with its mysterious atmosphere, unusual sights and picturesque nature.

Feel free to check our website with lots of information regarding the Bike Rent Samui, places to see if you Rent a Motorcycle in Koh Samui, and what kind of problems you may have when you rent a motorbike.

We are working to offer high level motorcycle rent of European quality, without drawbacks of local business. We exist to make your Vacation on Koh Samui unforgettable and full of impressions. We guarantee correct working of all rent motorcycles and help you to choose the route and sights to see. That is why all our customers are fully satisfied with our big bike rent Samui, and they frequently come back to our Koh Samui Bike Rental to repeat the trip.

Motorcycles in Thailand are popular because it is an affordable and convenient way to travel around sights of Thailand. But Koh Samui has a lot of interesting places itself, so if you rent motorcycle Koh Samui, there is no need to go far, because everything is located within a 50 km distance.

Rent motorcycle Koh Samui and see Big Buddha temple — one of the most popular places on the island. Then visit Hin Lad Waterfall template situated right in the tropical jungle. Another interesting place to see is the Wat Khunaram, a temple with mummified monk Loung Pordaeng, who died about 20 years ago, but is still shows only slight signs of decay to the interest of tourists. Big Bikes Rent on Koh Samui make possible to visit to another popular place called Paradise Park Farm, a natural wild park with impressive number of exotic plants, birds and animals all in beautiful scenery of jungle, waterfalls and valleys. Rent bike on Koh Samui and visit this wonderful place — it is a definetly MUST SEE for young and old people. Big bike hire in Koh Samui made this park more popular with bikers and extreme riders, who come separately from groups and stay there to have a great time in one of the most exciting places of Thailand.

You may think that big bike hire on Koh Samui is not a regular way to travel on the island, or that buses, cars and bicycles are more convenient. Maybe some people will find it so, but you should know that motorbike is the most popular means of transport on Koh Samui, a choice of many tourists and local citizens.


Big Bike for rent Koh Samuiit’s all about our shop!

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